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Environmental and social Impact assessments

We can do all phases of environmental and social assessment - big and small - from the project level to regional, strategic and cumulative impact assessments. Our network of local associates help reduce costs while building local capacity and development.

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Regulatory permitting and compliance

We can help you overcome the regulatory hurdles associated with project development, from local to international and ensure that your project is completely compliant with any requirements or conditions during the entirety of the project lifecycle.

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Monitoring and performance assessment

We offer our services to monitor the project during its construction and operation as part of our surety services to measure and assess environmental and social performance.

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Training and capacity building

Training and mentorship are important to us. Let us show how our experience can help your younger professionals in expanding their career paths, learning and development.

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Specialized services

Our specialized services include land acquisition and resettlement plans, indigenous peoples plans, environmental management plans, biodiversity management plans, cultural heritage assessment, baseline environmental and social surveys, evaluation of ecosystem services, environmental and social compliance assessments (international financial institutions' standards), sustainable development, energetic transition and much more.

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