Our team can work together and individually, depending on the solution needed. That is our strength.

Miles Scott-Brown
ESIA and Cumulative Effects Specialist

Miles has over 30 years’ experience in the environmental assessment and management of infrastructure projects around the globe. He has excellent problem-solving skills and specializes in developing strategies for conflict resolution of large infrastructure projects. Miles is a Certified Assessor for the IHA Sustainability Protocol for Hydropower Development.

Juan Quintero M.Sc. Eng.
Engineer and Green 
Infrastructure Specialist

Juan is a Civil and Environmental Engineer, with over 40 years of experience in risk assessment and mitigation of environmental and social impacts associated with road and hydroelectric projects.  Formally an Environmental Specialist at the World Bank, Juan is a Certified Assessor for the IHA Sustainability Protocol for Hydropower Development.

Claire Preece M.A.
Stakeholder Specialist

Claire has close to 30 years of working with communities, all levels of government and lending institutions.  She has  extensive experience  in development,  oil, gas, mining, hydro-electric and other infrastructure sectors and is highly proficient  in socio-economic analyses and stakeholder consultation.

Ivy Yau P. Eng.
Geomatics Specialist

Ivy is a geomatics engineer and GIS expert offering clients cutting edge ways for integrating and analyzing the wealth of data associated with infrastructure projects. Ivy can deliver a full suite of GIS/image services with related  data storage and outputs.

Marcello Iocca M.Sc.
Environmental Impact Specialist

Marcello has significant international experience in the management of complex environmental assessments of energy, waste and infrastructure related projects and the corporate environmental compliance of energy and other sectoral operations. 

Irge Satiroglu Ph.D.
Resettlement and Social Impact Specialist

Irge is a social impact assessment and resettlement specialist skilled in implementing World Bank and IFC Standards. She is experienced in energy, water resources, mining and transportation sectors and expert in designing social baseline studies and research tools.

Gretta Elizondo M.Sc.
Environmental Specialist

Gretta is social and environmental specialist for the Ciera Group. Her academic expertise is in geochemistry, geomicrobiology and water resources. Gretta is fluent in English and Spanish; her areas of interest include water resources, mining, sustainable practices in industry, and renewable energy.