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Core Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Image of Miles
Miles Scott-Brown
ESIA and Cumulative Effects Specialist

Miles has over 30 years’ experience in the environmental assessment and management of infrastructure projects around the globe. He has excellent problem-solving skills and specializes in developing strategies for conflict resolution of large infrastructure projects. Miles is a Certified Assessor for the IHA Sustainability Protocol for Hydropower Development.

Image of Ana Maria
Ana Maria Quintero M.Sc
Environmental Specialist 

Ana Maria has been working on environment, climate, energy, and conservation issues for the past 10 years. She holds an M.Sc in Carbon Management from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland and B.A in Environmental Studies from the University of Franklin, Switzerland. She has worked across a diverse set of geographies as a consultant around policy, energy, community engagement in Latin America, Africa, and on Indigenous lands in the United States.

Océane Feuger   M.Eng.
Environmental Chemistry Specialist
Samantha Jang B.S.
Environmental Specialist


Océane is a chemical engineer with an environmental specialty. She holds in Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering from the Graduate School of Organic and Mineral Chemistry) – Compiègne, France. She works in the areas of energy transition, sustainable development and circular economy.

Samantha is an environmental scientist with a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Science from the University of Calgary, bringing a wealth of experience from roles in research, government, and consulting sectors. She works in the areas of Impact Assessments (EIA) and sustainable development,


Image of Alison
Hon. Alison Redford KC, ICD.D 
Legal and Regulatory Specialist 

Alison is a lawyer by profession and works as a strategic policy advisor focusing on the energy and extractive industries worldwide. She has held elected positions as Attorney General and then Premier of the Province of Alberta in Canada. She has advised governments and private clients on regulatory governance in the mining and petroleum mining and petroleum sectors to ensure a responsible approach to stakeholder engagement and and environmental impact, particularly in Africa, South Asia and South America.

Image of Claire Preece
Claire Preece M.A.
Stakeholder Specialist

Claire has close to 30 years of working with communities, all levels of government and lending institutions.  She has  extensive experience  in development,  oil, gas, mining, hydro-electric and other infrastructure sectors and is highly proficient  in socio-economic analyses and stakeholder consultation.

Marcello Iocca M.Sc.
Environmental Impact Specialist

Marcello has significant international experience in the management of complex environmental assessments of energy, waste and infrastructure related projects and the corporate environmental compliance of energy and other sectoral operations. 

Juan Quintero M.Sc. Eng.
Engineer and Green 
Infrastructure Specialist

Juan is a Civil and Environmental Engineer, with over 40 years of experience in risk assessment and mitigation of environmental and social impacts associated with road and hydroelectric projects.  Formally an Environmental Specialist at the World Bank, Juan is a Certified Assessor for the IHA Sustainability Protocol for Hydropower Development.

NIK_4579 copy_edited.jpg
Jean-Michel WAN, M.Sc Environmental and Oil and Gas Regulatory Specialist

Jean-Michel is an international consultant with significant experience in environmental and sustainability assessment projects, coupled with a comprehensive knowledge of the oil and gas sector. He is proficient at project management, having worked on various large scale infrastructure, energy, transportation and compliance projects.

Irge Satiroglu Ph.D.
Resettlement and Social Impact Specialist

Irge is a social impact assessment and resettlement specialist skilled in implementing World Bank and IFC Standards. She is experienced in energy, water resources, mining and transportation sectors and expert in designing social baseline studies and research tools.

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