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Adam Caar


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Cumulative Effects Management Framework

Date: Oct 2023 - Ongoing

Objectives:  Create a discussion paper that clearly articulates the position of the Canadian Wildlife Service (CWS) on the use of offsetting as a tool to manage a project's contribution to cumulative effects on the landscape. 

Activities:  Tasks include analyzing international ecosystem management practices, evaluating foreign objective-based offsets, identifying indicators for project cumulative effects, and developing strategies with defined thresholds for species at risk. The ultimate goal is to establish criteria for implementing mitigation and offsetting actions.

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Date: Jul-2022 - Ongoing

Objectives:  Evaluate environmental and social aspects (positive and negative) related to retiring specific CFPPs and associated infrastructure in Indonesia, including mine closure and supply chain impacts. In addition, assess the opportunities, risks and implications of developing renewable energy options and associated infrastructure.

Activities:  Identify discrepancies in Indonesia's current programs and plans addressing health, environmental, and social issues. Create a sustainable energy transition management plan, offering recommendations to address regulatory gaps and mitigate potential impacts identified during the assessment.

SESA of The Energy Transition in Indonesia

orca 1 well.jpeg

SESA for the Development of Hydrocarbon sector in Mauritania

Date: 2022-2023

Objectives:  The Strategic Environmental and Social Assessment (SESA) of Mauritania's hydrocarbon sector serves as a comprehensive framework for improving environmental and social sustainability in the country's oil and gas sector. Its main aim is to strengthen the country's capacity to manage health and safety issues by transparently integrating environmental, social, health, safety and security considerations into overall policies and frameworks.

Activities:  Tasks include assess risks and impacts, identify gaps in regulations and propose recommendations to mitigate negative effects and improve regulatory proposals.

Wind Turbines

IAIA Initiative to Develop and Promote SEA Guidance for Renewable Energy

Date: 2023-Ongoing

Objectives:  Develop guidance for Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) for renewable energy and promote use of the guidance for SEAs to assess policies, plans and programmes that support the transition towards renewable energy and a low carbon future.


Activities: The SEA reviewed the potential environmental and social risks of the energy transition in Indonesia away from coal to renewable energy including an analysis of policies, programs and plans and the legal/regulatory and institutional framework. A Strategic Environmental and Social Management Plan (SESMP) was produced.

Trees From Above

Equivalency Analysis of the IADB Environmental and Social Policy Framework (ESPF) and the GCF Environment and Social Standards (ESS)

Date: Apr-Sept 2023

Objectives:  Compare the IADB Environment and Social Policy Framework (ESPF) and the GCF Environment and Social Standards (ESS) to identify congruities, differences, and discrepancies as to whether they are "equivalent".The results of this analysis was used to develop a ‘Common Approach’ between the IADB and GCF in which both entities comply with each other’s safeguard policies.

Activities:   The analysis used a comparative matrix approach, benchmarking each ESPF requirement for evaluating GCF's Environmental and Social Standards (ESS). Differences in equivalency were identified enabling a comprehensive assessment of alignment between GCF and ESPF requirements.

Reventazon Hydro Project.jpg


Date: Jun-Oct 2018

Objectives: Certifies that the project is compliant with all stated environmental and social requirements. 

Activities:   Carry out three-monthly assessments of safeguards and environmental and social compliance audits of the construction phase of the Reventazón hydroelectric project.

Reventazon Hydroelectric project in Costa Rica

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