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Environmental and Social Assessments

Sustainability Assessment Protocol for the Arena I-II Hydropower Project in 

Sustainability Assessment Protocol for the Arena I-II HPP in Honduras

Miles completed an Official Assessment for the Arenal I-II hydropower project using the Implementation Tool from the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol by the IHA. The report assessed and scored the project on the 21 topics specific to hydropower

Metro Manila Flood Control

Metro Manila Flood Control

Miles was responsible for supervising and managing the environmental and social assessment of pumping stations involved in phase one of the Metro Manila Flood Control project.

Cumulative Effects of Geothermal Power

Cumulative Effects of Geothermal Power


At 4000m above sea level in the Bolivian Altiplano, Miles assessed the cumulative effects of geothermal power development in relation to mining, tourism, agriculture, and sensitive environments.

Strategic Environmental Assessment in Mongolia

Strategic Environmental Assessment in Mongolia


Miles was involved in the MINIS project from the Government of Mongolia to advise on the regional strategic assessments and the cumulative impact assessment of proposed mining, hydroelectric, and water diversion projects

Strategic Assessment of Oil and Gas in South America

Strategic Assessment of Oil and Gas in South America

The Ciera Group led a team of multi-national environmental, engineering and social specialists in a regional strategic environmental assessment for a confidential client. The RSEA incorporated an evaluation of stakeholders, value added components, risk and cumulative impact assessments.

Environmental and Social Monitoring and Performance

Rio Bruno Reestablishment

Rio Bruno Reestablishment

Miles, Juan, and Efrain Dominquez composed a panel of experts evaluating the success of an innovative stream development project at the Cerrejon Mine in Colombia where natural drainage and ecological conditions are being recreated. 

Biodiversity in Cities

Biodiversity in Cities

Miles completed a white paper on the importance of maintaining biodiversity in urban environments in Latin America and the Caribbean. This included  case studies and policy recommendations.

Reventazon Hydro Project.jpg
Reventazon Hydroelectric Project

Reventazon Hydroelectric Project

From 2013-2018 Miles Scott-Brown, Juan Quintero and Maria Clara Mejia  monitored the environmental and social compliance of the Reventazon Hydroelectric Project in Costa Rica.

(Photo courtesy of Hydroworld).

Regulatory Permitting and Compliance

Ituango Hydroelectric Project

Ituango Hydroelectric Project

The Ciera Group was hired to conduct a gap analysis and an assessment of the area of influence for the Ituango Hydroelectric Project. The application of international and Lender best practices and standards to the HPP were evaluated.

Vietnam Safeguards Assessment Framework

Vietnam Safeguards Assessment Framework

Miles assessed Vietnams national environmental and social management framework against the World Bank Environmental and Social Framework and Policies to ensure compliance.

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