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Developing innovative environmental and social solutions for sustainable infrastructure and energy

Why choose Ciera?

Ciera Group is a Calgary-based Environmental Consulting Firm located in western Canada. We offer an impressive portfolio of professional environmental and social consulting services that are completely customizable for your needs. 


Our world is filling up. More and more the building and operation of much needed global infrastructure projects are complicated by various environmental and social uncertainties and risks such as climate change adaptation, involuntary resettlement, loss of biodiversity, impacts on indigenous and local communities, unsafe working conditions, gender inequality, pollution and unsustainable use of natural resources, etc.


We help to identify and manage these issues and promote environmentally and socially sustainable infrastructure development throughout the world.


At the Ciera Group, we focus on providing clients with practical and effective solutions for resolving environmental and social issues associated with infrastructure projects. We are a group of experienced professionals capable of working locally and internationally.


We understand Projects, how they function and the natural and human environments in which they are located. We work from early stages of project design and siting, through construction and operations to decommissioning and abandonment.

By understanding your project and issues associated with it, we work closely with you towards developing a custom made solution that meets your expected needs and outcomes.

We hit the ground running. With experience in over 100 countries, we know how to make solutions happen - rapidly and effectively. Let us work for you.


Our world is filling up. More and more the building and operation of much needed global  infrastructure projects are complicated by environmental and social uncertainty and risk. We help manage these risks and find solutions for their mitigation - let us show you how.

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Environmental and social assessment

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Regulatory permitting and compliance

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Monitoring and performance assessment

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Training and building capacity

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Specialized services

We're here to help 

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